1988 | Led the National Science Foundation’s USA-Japan Logistics Research Initiative

1989 | Received the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Research Award

1990 | Founded The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, the world’s largest center for supply chain education and research

1991 | Developed BP’s Project Jericho, the inaugural supply chain strategy using Frazelle’s Framework for Supply Chain & Logistics

1995 | Established Logistics Resources International in Atlanta, Georgia

1996 | Founded the Supply Chain Management Series, the world’s longest running supply chain seminar series

1997 | Implemented Frazelle’s Framework and LRI’s Star Model of Supply Chain Logistics throughout Disney’s merchandise, food, parts, and costume supply chains in the US (Walt Disney World and Disneyland) and Europe (Disneyland Paris)

1998 | Implemented Frazelle’s Framework and LRI’s Star Model of Supply Chain Logistics in CSU Costa Rica facilitating Wal-Mart’s acquisition and formation of Wal-Mart Central America

2000 | Authored Supply Chain Strategy and World-Class Warehousing with Mc-Graw Hill, both the world’s leading texts in their fields

2002 | Implemented Frazelle’s Framework and LRI’s Star Model of Supply Chain Logistics through Honda North America facilitating Honda overtaking Toyota as the automotive quality, service, and profitability in North America

2005 | Established RightChain™ Japan (The LogOS™ Team) in a joint venture with Mitsubishi

2007 | Created and established the RightChain™ brand as a proprietary umbrella for EHF intellectual property including algorithms, models, methodologies, tools, principles, metrics, and training

2009 | Launched RightChain™ South America in a joint venture with GS1, Lima, PERU

2010 | Developed MineChain™, RightChain™ tailored for the mining industry

2011 | Established RightChain™ Institute, a corporate supply chain innovation, education, and develop program for world-class supply chains

2012 | Implemented RightChain™ Oxxo, the largest retailer in South America

2013 | Authored Inventory Strategy: Maximizing Financial, Service, and Operations Performance with Inventory Strategy

2014 | Developed FlightChain™, RightChain™ tailored for the aerospace industry

2015 | Released the Second Edition of World-Class Warehousing with McGraw-Hill

2017 | Released the Second Edition of Supply Chain Strategy with McGraw-Hill

2018 | Joint Venture with UPS creating UPS Analytics Powered by RightChain™

2018 | Launching The LOGOS Institute for Advanced Supply Chain Studies at Meiji University in Tokyo, JAPAN