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Answers to the Toughest Questions in Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Service Assessments and Strategy

What supply chain service strategy best supports our business objectives?


Inventory Optimization,
Planning & Strategy

How much inventory should we carry and how should we deploy it?

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Sourcing Assessments, Strategy and Optimization

Who should we source from and in what quantities?


Transportation Assessments, Strategy & Optimization

What transportation nodes, modes and loads optimize our supply chain performance?

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Warehousing Assessments, Designs, and Optimizations

What warehouse configurations optimize our supply chain financial and service performance?

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Supply Chain Performance 
Measures & Benchmarks

What supply chain metrics and targets best define supply chain success or failure?


Logistics Outsourcing
Strategy and Selection

Which supply chain activities should be outsourced and to who?

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Supply Chain Technology 
Strategy and Selection

What supply chain technology best supports our supply chain and business strategy?

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Supply Chain Operations & Capacity Planning

What supply chain planning methodology best aligns/optimizes financial and service performance?


Supply Chain Organization Assessment & Development

What supply chain organization design best supports our supply chain & business strategy?

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