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The Pallet Storage and Retrieval Systems, Selection, Best Practices and Optimization course presents the range of pallet storage systems, pallet handling vehicles, tradeoffs, selection methodology, operating principles and slotting optimization. Course materials include video examples, images of pallet storage and retrieval systems from warehouse operations around the world, text descriptions for all systems and principles, and selection/slotting analytics examples. Case examples are from Avon, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, Evian, Ford, Honda, Ikea, KAO, Kirin, NTT, Otto Retail, Oxxo, Scroll, Suntory, Texas Instruments, Toyota, United Hardware, and Verizon.


  1. Pallet Storage Systems
    1. Stacking Systems
      1. Floor Storage Block Stacking
      2. Pallet Stacking Frames
    2. Static Rack Systems
      1. Single Deep Rack
      2. Double Deep Rack
      3. Deep Lane Systems
    3. Dynamic Rack Systems
      1. Push Back Rack
      2. Pallet Flow Rack
    4. Mobile Rack Systems
      1. Pallet Flow Rack
  2. Pallet Picking Vehicles
    1. Conventional Vehicles
      1. Walkie Stackers
      2. Counterbalance Lift Trucks
    2. Narrow Aisle Vehicles
      1. Straddle Trucks
      2. Straddle Reach Trucks
    3. Very Narrow Aisle Vehicles
      1. Sideloader Trucks
      2. Turret Trucks
    4. Automated Vehicles
      1. Automated Storage and Retrieval Machines
      2. Automated Storage Retrieval Vehicles
  3. Pallet Storage and Picking Systems Selection and Optimization
    1. Product-SKU Selection Optimization
    2. Pallet Slotting Optimization
  4. Assessment Exercises

Pallet Storage and Retrieval Systems, Best Practices and Optimization | COURSE

  • The course is designed and developed by Dr. Ed Frazelle. Dr. Frazelle is RightChain's president and CEO and former founder of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech. He is also author of McGraw-Hill's Supply Chain Management series of books including World-Class Warehousing upon which this course is based.

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