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RightChain is led by three award-winning PhDs. A supply chain scientist,
a rocket scientist, and a decision scientist.


Dr. Ed Frazelle
President and CEO

Dr. Ed Frazelle is one of the world's foremost authorities on supply chain optimization, technology, strategy and operations. He is former founder of The Logistics Institute and Supply Chain Management Series at Georgia Tech and author of McGraw-Hill's Logistics Management Library.


Dr. Andrew Frazelle
Chief Scientist

Dr. Andrew Frazelle is a PhD in decision sciences and game theory from Duke University. He is a recent winner of the prestigious MSOM award for the ingenuity in operators research. He specializes in supply chain operations research and analytics.


Dr. Travis Smith
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Travis Smith is a PhD in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech. His specialty is the development and application of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to complex supply chain problems in design and operations.

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