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RightChain Healthcare

Healthcare. Solved.

We have been fortunate to support many of the world's largest and most successful healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.  Our healthcare and pharmaceutical client customers include Abbott, BD, Baxter, ConvaTec, Dupont, Invitrogen, McKesson, Owens & Minor, and Perrigo among many others.

RightChain implementations simultaneously increase revenue, reduce expenses and reduce capital charges. The overall result is higher gross margins, higher profitability, and higher return on capital investment.
In supply chain terms, revenue increases via higher fill rates and optimized store delivery frequencies and timing. Expenses are lowered via optimized transportation, warehousing, and sourcing. Supply chain capital charges are decreased via optimized inventory levels, optimized logistics infrastructure designs, and optimized rates.

Historically RightChain implementations yield the following range of results.
1. Lower Inventory (9% to 36%)
2. Higher Fill Rates (2 to 7 points)
3. Lower Supply Chain Costs (8% to 23%)
4. Faster Retail Response Times (1 to 3 days)

Examples of results from five large RightChain Healthcare implementations follow.

The industry's largest distributor... 3 points higher margin, 28% less inventory, 3 points higher fill rate, 11% lower supply chain costs

One of the world's largest medical devices companies... 14% lower total supply chain costs, 18% less inventory, 6 points higher fill rate, 13% lower total logistics costs

Global biotech... 16% lower total supply chain costs, 27% less inventory, 4 points higher fill rate, 14% lower total logistics costs

Global biopharma... 9% lower total logistics costs, 11% less inventory, 9 points higher shipping accuracy

A premier health and beauty aids company... 8 points higher perfect order percentage, 24% less inventory, 17% lower total supply chain costs

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