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RightChain in the News

Information Matrix with Laurence Fishbur

RightChain Ai Featured in PBS Documentary

RightChain Ai was recently featured in the PBS technology documentary series The Information Matrix with Laurence Fishburne. 

Insights Success Cover.JPG

RightChain Named Top Ten Supply Chain Solution Provider

RightChain was recently named a Top Ten Supply Chain Solution Provider by Insight Success magazine. 

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RightChain Nodes:
A Powerful Supply Chain Network Optimization System

RightChain's Network Optimization System, RightChain Nodes, a part of the SaaS platform was recently featured in DC Velocity.


Supply Chain and Tennis #1s Linked

Our work with Team Djokovic and his strategy coach, Craig O'Shannesy, head of Brain Game Tennis, was  recently featured in OneZero, a contemporary culture and tech magazine. The article was written by Amanda Loudin.


RightChain Ai Featured in Advanced Sports Technology

SportTechie, a leading magazine on sports technology, recently featured a section on advances in tennis analytics. The article featured our work with Craig O'Shannesy and Brain Game Tennis in support of Novak Djokovic and the Italian Tennis Federation. 

Brain Game Tennis Photo.jpg

RightChain Ai Announced as Official Ai Partner for Brain Game Tennis

Brain Game Tennis, headed by Craig O'Shannesey, is the world's foremost tennis strategist, providing strategic match analytics and coaching to Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini, the Italian Tennis Federation, Wimbledon, and the New York Times. RightChain Ai has been partnering with BGT and Craig since Wimbledon 2019.


Tennis Champion Used AI to Help Win Wimbledon

Ed and Andrew Frazelle, a father and son team, who are the owners of RightChain, advanced supply chain optimization, planning, and analytics software company based in Atlanta. At the same time, Frazelles are tennis lovers and were intrigued to see if their planning concepts could be applied to the sport.

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