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RightChain T&T

Tech and Telecom. Solved.

Lower Supply Chain Costs | Lower Inventories | Higher Service Levels | Faster Delivery | Readiness Optimized

RightChain T&T Client Customers

We have been fortunate to support many of the world's largest and most successful high tech, semi-conductor and telecommunications companies. Our technology and telecommunications clients include Applied Materials, AT&T, Bloomberg, CISCO, Dell, DirecTV, Fujitsu, Hills, IBM, NTT, Motorola and UNISYS among many others.

RightChain Tech and Telecom Results

RightChain implementations simultaneously increase revenue, reduce expenses and reduce capital charges. The overall result is higher gross margins, higher profitability, and higher return on capital investment.
In supply chain terms, revenue increases via higher fill rates and optimized store delivery frequencies and timing. Expenses are lowered via optimized transportation, warehousing, and sourcing. Supply chain capital charges are decreased via optimized inventory levels, optimized logistics infrastructure designs, and optimized rates.

Historically RightChain implementations yield the following range of results.
1. Lower Inventory (9% to 36%)
2. Higher Fill Rates (2 to 7 points)
3. Lower Supply Chain Costs (8% to 23%)
4. Faster Retail Response Times (1 to 3 days)

Examples of results from five large RightChain implementations follow.

Global High Tech Spares

  • 4 points higher fill rate

  • 17% lower inventory

  • 2 days faster response time

  • 14% lower supply chain costs

World's Most Prominent Telecom

  • 22% lower total supply chain costs

  • 12% lower inventory

  • 6 points higher fill rate

  • 36 hour faster response

Large Continental Cable & Satellite

  • 11% lower total supply chain costs

  • 19% lower inventory

  • 5 points higher fill rate

  • 24 hour faster response time

Global Computer Maker

  • 8% lower logistics cost

  • 13% lower inventory

  • 2 points higher fill rate

  • 24 hour faster response time

Global Systems & Inter-connectivity

  • 9% lower total logistics cost

  • 18% lower inventory

  • 3 points higher fill rate

  • 24 hour faster response time




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RightChain Tech and Telecom Screenshots

RightChain Tech and Telecom runs on the RightChain Ai platform. The RightChain Ai platform is a fully-scalable, cloud-based, artificial intelligence powered supply chain optimization and planning subscription solution. The platform is composed of three suites - RightChain Inventory (Inventory Ai, Analytics & Optimization), RightChain Transportation (Transportation Ai, Analytics & Optimization), and RightChain Warehousing  (Warehouse Ai, Analytics & Optimization). Examples of RightChain Ai in action in  are illustrated below.

RightChain Tech and Telecom Operations Designs

RightChain's Dr. Ed Frazelle is the author of World-Class Warehousing, the world's best selling book on warehouse design and operations. The book's principles, practices, and optimizations are the guiding forces for hundreds of warehousing and distribution operations world-wide. Many of those are devoted to warehousing and distributing high tech and telecommunications products. Several of those designs crafted by RightChain are highlighted in the buildings below.

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