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"I have found the RightChain approach to logistics management to be practically suited to American Honda's service parts distribution systems and dealer network. Their methods have helped us effectively knit together key distribution practices that consistently support our customer policies. The proof lies in our excellent customer satisfaction ratings and the efficiencies that we now enjoy that are firmly embedded within each link in our operation.”

Jim Roach, Senior Vice President, Honda

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"Dr. Frazelle and his team have developed a fact‐based, customer-centric method for improving distribution and logistics networks. Their methodology for optimizing supply chains addresses the complexities and inefficiencies faced in moving product through the value stream."


Lou Arace, Senior Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Nutrisystem


"The RightChain strategies have taken hold and worked for The Schwan Food Company. RightChain’s straight forward concepts provide us both the tactical linked with the strategic ‐ all uniquely designed for our company's business needs. Their proven principles have helped us improve fill rates while simultaneously decreasing inventory. While an attractive outcome on its own, the real value came as a result of RightChain’s insistence that we become self sufficient in implementing and modifying our own world‐class supply chain."

Bill Burgess, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, The Schwan Food Company


"Working for the Army’s 3‐Star General in charge of logistics and retained by the Army's Velocity Management Team, RightChain objectively assessed Army logistics practices and systems and provided specific action items and process improvements across the entire supply chain. They have the innate capability to take complex supply chain processes and present them in a clear manner to all ranks and specialties."

Dr. Matthew A. Anderson Sr., CPL; Quartermaster Regimental Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army

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