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Answers to the toughest questions in supply chain management.

How does my supply chain, inventory, transportation, and warehousing performance and practice compare with my peers and world-class standard?


How much opportunity is there in my supply chain? Inventory? Transportation? Warehousing?

What is a project worth to close those gaps?

What is a project plan to close those gaps?

How should my supply chain network be configured?

How much inventory should there be in my supply chain and how should it be deployed?

What should our supply chain service and sourcing strategy be?

What logistics lanes and flow paths optimize our supply chain?

How should material and information flow through my facilities?

What level and type of automation optimizes my operating performance?

What configuration of warehouses, DCs and factories optimizes our supply chain?

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Who are the right supplier candidates for our 3PLs, WMS, TMS, and MHE?

What type of RFP maximizes our chance of supplier success?

How do we select, negotiate and contract the right suppliers?

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supplier selection


RightChain Inventory

Inventory Optimization

RightChain SKUs

SKU Portfolio Optimization


RightChain Forecasting

Forecast Optimization


RightChain Lots

Lot Size Optimization


RightChain Turns

Turn & Fill Optimization

RightChain Deployment

Deployment Optimization



RightChain Transportation Transportation Optimization


RightChain Nodes

Network Optimization

Flow Path Optimization

RightChain Shipping

Mode Optimization

Load Optimization

Consolidation Optimization

RightChain Fleets

Fleet Size Optimization


RightChain Warehousing Warehouse Optimization


RightChain Slotting

Storage Mode Optimization

Pick Face Optimization

Slotting Optimization

RightChain Flows

Layout Optimization

Process Flow Optimization

RightChain Workforce

Workforce Optimization



RightChain Planning

Planning Optimization


RightChain Service

Chain Service Optimization


RightChain Sourcing

Chain Sourcing Optimization


RightChain Resources

Chain Resource Optimization

RightChain Finance

Chain Finance Optimization


RightChain Risk

Chain Risk Optimization

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