Cosmetics Distribution Center Design

Avon Distribution Center
Avon's Atlanta multi-channel order fulfillment and distribution center.
Avon Simulation 2
Some of our DC designs require simulation and animation to validate flow concepts and capacity.
Avon Order Tote Initiation
A single corrugated container, also acting as the shipping container, is inducted with accompanying documents and promotional items for its trip through automated dispensing, pick/put to light pick modules, and batch picking carts.
Automated Dispensing System
Automated dispensing for high pick popularity, low units per request, small cube products.
A3 Automated Dispensers
RightChain slotting and pick face sizing algorithms match each SKU to its optimal dispenser size.
Pick/Put to Light Station
B items are fulfilled in pick/put to light stations. Lights are sequenced to maximize pick productivity and accuracy. Slotting within the pick pod maximizes picking productivity.
Avon's Opti Carts
A items are fulfilled via automated dispenser. B items are fulfilled via pick and put to light stations. C items are fulfilled via batch picking carts.
Carton Flow Rack Replenishment
Replenishment pallets are housed just behind or just over their carton flow rack picking locations. Also notice the use of natural light to enhance the operating environment.
Avon DC Conveyor Network
An efficient network of quiet, high-speed conveyor connects DC's activity cells.
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