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SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORK OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM. RightChain Nodes optimizes and simulates supply chain networks determining the optimal number, location, size and role of supply chain facilities including warehouses, distribution centers, factories, and ports. The system develops and models supply chain scenarios incorporating individual product dimensions, weights, values and volumes; efficient logistics flow paths; economic load designs; and rate sensitivities including freight rates, inventory carrying rates, depreciation rates, wage rates, and occupancy rates. RightChain Nodes minimizes total supply chain costs including outbound transportation costs, inbound transportation costs, inventory carrying costs, warehousing costs, and real estate costs while simultaneously meeting or exceeding customer service requirements and complying with network constraints. RightChain Nodes is cloud-based, AI-enabled, subscription-priced, and fully scalable with extensive data analytics and visualization capability. The system has been used in the optimization and simulation of many successful supply chains including adidas, AT&T, Carrier, Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney, GE, Kraft Heinz, Nutrisystem, Pratt and Whitney, Serta, United Technologies, among many others. Total supply chain cost savings range from 7% to 28%.

RightChain Nodes

RightChain Nodes

Multi-Channel US Retail Supply Chain

RightChain Nodes

RightChain Nodes

Urban DC Location Optimization

RightChain Nodes

RightChain Nodes

US Supply Chain for High Tech Parts

RightChain Nodes

RightChain Nodes

National Wholesale CPG Supply Chain

RightChain Nodes

RightChain Nodes

EU Spares Network for Major PC Manufacturer


RightChain Inventory

Inventory Optimization

RightChain SKUs

SKU Portfolio Optimization


RightChain Forecasting

Forecast Optimization


RightChain Lots

Lot Size Optimization


RightChain Turns

Turn & Fill Optimization

RightChain Deployment

Deployment Optimization



RightChain Transportation Transportation Optimization


RightChain Nodes

Network Optimization

Flow Path Optimization

RightChain Shipping

Mode Optimization

Load Optimization

Consolidation Optimization

RightChain Fleets

Fleet Size Optimization


RightChain Warehousing Warehouse Optimization


RightChain Slotting

Storage Mode Optimization

Pick Face Optimization

Slotting Optimization

RightChain Flows

Layout Optimization

Process Flow Optimization

RightChain Workforce

Workforce Optimization



RightChain Strategy

Strategy Optimization


RightChain Service

Chain Service Optimization


RightChain Sourcing

Chain Sourcing Optimization


RightChain Planning

Chain Planning Optimization

RightChain Finance

Chain Finance Optimization


RightChain Risk

Chain Risk Optimization

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