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Supply Chain Project Success Belongs to the Diligent Few

We have to cajole some of our clients to embrace the processes of cultivating supply chain data, analyzing supply chain data and gleaning insights from supply chain data. Everybody just wants the answer. Nobody likes to be patient through this data intensive process of gathering insights. However, for the diligent few, there is a big payout. Herein lies part of the reason.

1. Consider the phases of a supply chain project. We start with greenfield (that is to start a project without the need to consider any prior work.) and move into planning, design and implementation.

2. As time goes by, what happens to the cost of making a design change? (Those costs grow exponentially.) If you want to make a change in the greenfield or planning phases, what does it cost you? Little to nothing. You erase the white board, hit delete on the PowerPoint slide, or ball up the piece of paper and throw it in the trashcan.

3. Now, what does it cost you to make a design change once you are heavy into design and implementation? It is very, very expensive.

4. At the same time, what happens to the opportunity for improvement? Where is it greatest? In the greenfield and planning phases.

So, at the same time and during the same phases, we have the greatest opportunity for improvement and the lowest cost of making a design change. This is probably the most critical time in a supply chain project. Wouldn’t it make sense then to spend some time here and get it right from the beginning. I am convinced that most problems occurring during the implementation of a supply chain project have to do with the fact that what teams are trying to implement is not right to begin with.

If you get the insights right up front, a lot of the implementation will take care of itself. The due diligence that is required to determine the right process, level of automation, design configuration and/or type of automation to implement we call RightChain Insights.

RightChain Insights is a suite of Ai-based applications on the RightChain Ai platform. The applications reveal all the relevant order patterns, activity patterns, SKU/customer/supplier/carrier valuations and concentrations, sub supply chain networks and partitions, demand correlations and maps for inventory, transportation, warehousing and the supply chain as a whole. Those insights quickly eliminate high-failure potential solution concepts and technologies and highlight high-potential solution concepts and technologies.

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