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Wisdom for Warehousing: The Optimal Role(s) of Warehousing in Business and Supply Chains

Solomon, yes that Solomon, is one of my favorite authors. His wealth, in today's terms, would make Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk all look like paupers. Solomon's excellence was so great that the kings and queens of the earth traveled to observe his wisdom in action in the buildings he built, the service processes he established, and his massive wealth. In reading one of the Solomon's books one day I came across the following quote.

"Develop your business first before building your house." - Solomon

As I reflected, it dawned on me the wisdom in making sure that the business and its requirements come first; before the "house", the warehouse, that supports it. A warehouse is there to support the business it serves; not the other way around. Above all else, a warehouse should be designed and operated to support the business requirements it serves; the channels it supports, the customers it serves, the outbound orders it prepares, the suppliers it receives products from, the purchase orders and receipts it processes, and the inventory strategy it supports.

I got so enamored with this notion, and I have seen so many warehouses that hinder instead of facilitating the businesses they support that I developed an entire course titled, "Wisdom for Warehousing: The Optimal Role(s) of Warehousing in Supply Chains and Business."

The new course includes Dr. Frazelle's fully captioned lecture video to a group of supply chain professionals at the institute he founded at Georgia Tech, a fully edited and illustrated course transcript, richly illustrated course slides, an excerpt from his World Class Warehousing book, video tours of the some of the world's best warehouse operations, an assessment tool to compare your operations with best practices, a chat bot to converse with and inquire of the course materials, and a learning assessment.


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